Five Trendy & Toddler-Friendly Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

When it comes to holiday festivities, one of my very most favorites is decorating Easter eggs. I remember as a kid not wanting to hunt eggs with all the other kids but wanting to hide them with the adults instead. I loved gathering around our kitchen table with my mom and sister to dip those warm hard-boiled eggs into the stinky vinegar dye mixes to create one-of-a-kind egg creations. And now that I have kids of my own, I think my love for dying Easter eggs has only grown. Last Easter, even though Elisha was too young to take part, we boiled eggs for me to dye just myself.

This year, now that he is old enough, I’ve been searching for different ways to decorate eggs and compiled a list of my favorites that we will be trying ourselves! And since he’s only two-years-old we will be keeping it simple for those little uncoordinated hands. Unfortunately, I’ve come to find more elaborate decorated eggs than simple kid-friendly ones…

Stripped Eggs (made with rubber bands)

I tried this technique last year. It worked okay. I found it a little difficult to wrap the rubber bands around the eggs tight enough to keep them from slipping off but not so tight as to not crack the eggshell. I love the design it creates, though, so we’ll be trying it again.

{tutorial courtesy of Chocolate Shavings}

Glitter Eggs

Now that I have a girl, we’ll need to diva-fy some eggs. Much to Matthew’s dismay. He’s not much of a fan of glitter, sparkles, and sequins. Or anything with the words “diva” or “princess” on it. Or animal prints. Or hot pink. Really anything that could remotely be considered “neon.”

Mommy will win this battle.

{tutorial courtesy of Glitter ‘N Glue}

Lace Stencil Eggs

These are just too pretty to not try…

{tutorial courtesy of DIY Til We Die}

Dip-Dyed Eggs

We (well, I) tried this technique as well last year and I loved it! Especially dipping one color over another color to create a completely new color. I get serious when it comes to decorating eggs, y’all.

{tutorial courtesy of Oh Joy!}

Watercolored Eggs

Wow, I did this one too. Maybe I was a year behind myself with this post…

This technique was tons of fun as well. The only thing is to repeat each drop/streak a few times to make sure it stains. One drop/streak isn’t enough to show any color. Luckily, each additional streak tends to follow the first streak down.

{tutorial courtesy of spoonforkbacon}

I’ll be posting photos of our own decorated eggs next week along with photos of the other festivities going on this weekend. One excited girl over here!

And if you have any other kid-friendly ways to dye Easter eggs, let me know! I have a feeling we’ll be boiling and dying more than a dozen.


4 thoughts on “Five Trendy & Toddler-Friendly Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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  2. sincerelywhitney

    im in LOVE with this. i just died eggs with my boys (3 & 5) and lemme tell you. they had a blast. although they were not quite as delicate, patient and concerned with detail, they turned out ok. it was more of a mess of color craziness, glitter (which nick hates because its aftermath is left for months all over the house) and cracks. i definitely want to head to the store again now so i can go and do all these ideas to them (while the boys are in bed) thanks for the great ideas!
    i quickly looked through your blog and must say im hooked! glad i found you!
    xo- sincerely, whitney

    1. taraallglorious Post author

      Aw, thanks so much! So far I’m doing most of the decorating since mine is only two… BUT we’re having a blast! I ended up using glitter glue instead of actually rolling eggs in glitter to keep the mess to a minimum. But the lace is oh so lovely! Well worth the try. So glad you’re enjoying my blog!

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