Egg Decorating + Toddler

Last week I made a post listing out five “toddler-friendly” ways to decorate Easter eggs. In my mind they seemed very achievable with my two-year-old son; however, once the process begun, this mommy realized this was not going to go as planned.

We still had a blast nonetheless and Elisha dubbed them his “golden eggs” (I’m thinking he got that one from Dora).

I still think that these decoration tutorials would work well with toddlers, just older toddlers who have a little more coordination and who aren’t as stubborn and in the “do-it-all-myself” mindset.

Before we even started, I knew this probably wouldn’t work as planned… He wanted to put the carton in the floor and play with the eggs.


The best method to hard boil eggs I have found thus far:


Remember trendy: neon is in.


Round one: I mixed the colors per the color mixing guide on the box to make Green Apple, Apricot, Turquoise, and Raspberry.



Markers for this toddler made for super toddler-friendly egg decorating instead of dropping dye on them to make watercolor streaks.


I bought glitter glue pens to use instead of rolling the eggs in Mod Podge and loose glitter, which was more toddler-friendly as well. We just made large dabs of glitter glue on the eggs and smeared it around with our fingers.



{Did anyone else notice the color of Easter this year was turquoise? Pretty sure half our church was wearing turquoise.}


Round One complete and on to Round Two: At this point I was flying solo and Elisha was engrossed in Bubble Guppies land.


This time I used the actual neon colors.


The secret to my “snake eggs” for Jackson:


Last batch finished! And as for this point, Elisha was going to time-out about every two to three minutes so it was time for bed. We tossed those bad boys into the refrigerator, brushed teeth and faces, and went to bed while the Easter Bunny snuck in with his baskets for Elisha and Shiloh.


If you have any questions on how-tos for the egg decorations, please feel free to ask. I’m in no way a pro, I just have way too much fun when it comes to this holiday tradition so I always like to try different tips and tricks every year. Pretty pleased with this year’s batch.


One thought on “Egg Decorating + Toddler

  1. Island Traveler

    That looks like a fun activity with our little ones. You and your son created the most beautiful Easter Eggs. I should try one next year. Never too late right? Happy Easter.


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