Whirlwind and Good Things + #tbt

Whirlwind of a week:

  • Teething + six-month growth spurt
  • Clogged bathroom sink drain — TWO home remedies to unclog = ultimate clog/no draining action at all
  • New baby in the family — whom I have not met yet!!
  • Finishing preparations for this Saturday’s worship service that I volunteered to plan (which has been a blast but somewhat difficult due to the first bullet) — flyers, announcements, dessert, transportation, prayer, etc.
  • I really need to clean my house before we have company Friday night…

Good things to come:

  • Said worship service will also be the reunion of my husband’s first band (I think… at least one of the firsts), Not Our Own (insert former teenage girl squeal here)
  • New blog project you will learn more about in tomorrow’s post
  • Grilling and hanging out with our best friends to finish up preparations for the worship service — which for me equals girl time with my two best friends Brittany and Emily while the boys are at the church setting up
  • I will finally be meeting new Baby Levi Isaac!!!
  • “A NIGHT OF WORSHIP” SERVICE — such good feelings in my heart about this event Saturday

In unrelated matters, to celebrate Throwback Thursday #tbt:


Yeah, I know. We’re the cutest kids ever. My parents did a good job. Too bad we still don’t have those rockin’ dresses. That baby would be stashed back for Miss Shiloh.


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