New Project : Phototastic Fridays {4.5.13}

I have been thinking about this idea for a few weeks now and thought I should just give it a try to see how it goes. Photography has been one of my most favorite hobbies since I was a child; however, you could most certainly consider me an amateur (I just recently started playing around with the Manual mode of my Nikon D3100 which could be considered a beginner’s DSLR to most).

I have years upon years of photos from my “exploring adventures” during college. These days were taken when I was beyond stressed and just needed time to myself to do something other than bury my nose in a textbook. These days were also some of the best times I spent with Jesus, pouring my heart out to Him about the plans He had for me and asking why I was in the places He had me in at that time. And with the plethora of photos I have accumulated I really don’t know what else to do with them other than store them to keep from using up my Vaio‘s hard drive and memory.

Thus begins my weekly photo post and stories behind them.

This photo was taken during my sister-in-law’s wedding. It’s actually a close-up of her bridal bouquet that she made herself. (If you think I’m crafty, you should see this girl.) We went out of state for the wedding and I was 36-weeks pregnant with Elisha. We definitely tempted fate with that decision. But all went well and the wedding went beautifully. Holly trusted me to shoot the full wedding myself and with lovely swollen feet I did my best. And words cannot describe how beautiful she was. I was in awe of her the entire day!


My eventual plan for this photo is to get a large print of it to hang in Shiloh’s room. It’s very similar to her nursery’s color scheme.

Looks like you’re going to squeeze some DIY out of me after all…

I made these for her room soon after we found out she was a little girl:



This is the color we painted her room:

Valspar 7001-21 Naivete

Her crib bedding (no mobile, bumpers, or matching curtains) by MiGi. We decided to hang white linen curtains instead, which gives her room a glowing effect during the day when the sun is bright.

migi babyblossommigi baby blossom

Let me know what you think about the new project and/or any ideas you may have!

Happy Friday, friends! We’re off to get ready to grill with some good friends later this afternoon.

{For a similar post, see my earlier post: Again, in Narnia.}


5 thoughts on “New Project : Phototastic Fridays {4.5.13}

  1. utterlyinlove

    I love that wreath, it’s adorable! Have you seen the photo challenges that they have all over the web? There’s heaps on pinterest :) – it may be easier to do this? Then you have a goal photo for each week, or day, which you can post about at the end of each week :)

    Also, good on you for busting out the manual mode on your camera :D! Can’t wait to watch your progress :)

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