Sunny Day (I am behind…)







I promise I haven’t been neglecting my refashioning, thrifting, or DIYing. I have plenty in store and a brand new refashion complete and ready for Monday, so stay tuned. The fam and I spent most of the day outside yesterday, which gave me a reason to break out my camera instead of staying cooped up in the house behind my sewing machine or watching Nick Jr.

To help all of you still trapped in your homes due to the never-ending winter feel somewhat better about your situation, Elisha pummelled me in the head with a rock while we were playing outside. My kid has a good arm and even better aim.

Happy weekend, friends! Hoping for some warm, sunny days your way soon.


2 thoughts on “Sunny Day (I am behind…)

  1. 2Momma2

    Great pictures. The first is precious!

    I have a feeling I’m going to have a lot of those moments with my little guy – he is all boy and we’ve had some close calls already! Boys are great though!


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