{Refashion} Leopard Print Ribbon Tank

As promised, a refashion post for today!

Friday, while getting Shiloh bundled up to soak up some sun outside (temps in the 60s are still considered “chilly” here in Alabama but tolerable in long-sleeves or a jacket), I tried to put her in this leopard print long-sleeve onesie below (assembled, of course). The problem was I couldn’t get it to fit over her head… Both my children have pretty big heads. I wasn’t quite ready to part with it just yet, so I decided I would try to refashion it into a new tank top with a ribbon tie on one of the shoulders. It turned out way more adorable than I had first imagined it would be.

Here’s where I began, ripping out the seams that connected the arms to the body and chopping off the leg holes:


To prevent my bottom hem from stretching, I used an old drawstring (taken from this earlier refashioned pullover) made from a much sturdier fabric as my binding tape.





After I stitched the hem, I snipped one of the shoulders to create a new adjustable shoulder with the ribbon.


I should specify, these are two separate ribbons. One ribbon pinned to each shoulder.


I pinned and sewed down the ribbons first, then hemmed the raw edges on both of the armholes. Don’t forget to hem the other armhole!


After all the raw edges were hemmed, I tied the ribbons together in a bow to finish up Shiloh’s pretty new leopard print tank top!


A pretty simple refashion to salvage a few more baby clothes. My next step is to convince Shiloh’s YaYa to monogram her initial on the front. Pretty please, Holly?

Hope you’re all having a good Monday! Only four more days until the weekend!


10 thoughts on “{Refashion} Leopard Print Ribbon Tank

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  3. Kaitlin @ Wunderbar

    So cute! A very southern-chic baby top. :)

    I’m an Alabama native, and I remember those days of thinking the 60s were chilly. Living in Idaho for four years helped me get over that, haha.

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