Shiloh Cate is 6-months-old!

Sweet girl, where has the time gone?


  • You love chewing and sucking on your thumbs.
  • Elisha is your favorite person. He can always make you laugh, even in the middle of your screaming. So can Poppa T.
  • You’ve been teething for two full months now; and along with your 6-month growth spurt, you’ve been pretty miserable lately.
  • Bananas, sweet potatoes, and green beans are your favorite foods so far. You literally gag yourself if we try to feed you sweet carrots.
  • Daddy consoles you by rolling you back and forth in your walker. It works every time.
  • You also love watching “Mater” and “Bubble Guppies” with Elisha.
  • Your favorite song is “Jesus Loves Me.” You love to nuzzle your face in my neck while I sing to you.
  • You have spent the night with Nana twice and will spend the night for the first time with Granna and Paw Paw tonight!
  • Aunt Brittany swears you look exactly like Mommy when you smile.

In lieu of Phototastic Friday, today’s post will be a few shots from Shiloh’s 6-month photos.






Happy, happy 6-month birthday, baby girl! Here’s to another fun-filled six months!


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