A Day at Germania Springs, 2.0

So back in the day (as in my days at JSU) one of my most favorite places to hang out with friends was at Germania Springs. Aside from the swing sets and slides, it has a huge “field” on the other side of a little spring/creek with a few sparse trees perfect for lounging under. I can’t lie, though… I was a fan of the swings. Yes, we may have been in our early twenties, but that’s how we rolled. Not really the partiers. More the sunshine and hippie-esq type.

Fast forward five-plus years and most of us have kids now. Stephanie, Beth Anne, and I decided to meet today for a playdate to introduce our babies to the joys of Germania Springs.

Much thanks to BA for letting me snatch copies of her pictures. I had my camera, but little Miss Shiloh wasn’t having anyone but her Mommy which made the whole capturing memories thing a little difficult.







“The Cave! The Cave!” (what Elisha is repeatedly saying as I am typing up this post…)


And just for the record, the playdate wasn’t so picturesque as it seemed. Elisha pitched his lovely tantrums about every two minutes about every little thing (like most two-year-olds), then decided he wanted to jump in the spring before I had the chance to strip his clothes off. Shiloh being my high-maintenance child decided she was just too hot and whined all but the first 30-minutes we were there. I say all this to say I’m not going to be all “fluff” with this blog. The nitty-gritty will be shown (or at least told of when photos aren’t available). Friends, kids can be difficult, trying, stressful, and just plain dirty. But with all that there is still no greater joy I have found that can compare to them.

Now we are home with pink cheeks, drinking juice, and watching Sesame Street. For me, this was a much better post than the thrift post I had originally planned for. (For those that it’s not, I promise the thrift post will be up tomorrow).


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