Phototastic Friday | PC13 – week16



Unfortunately, I have stored most of my exploring photos to Shutterfly (instead of buying an external hard drive, which in hindsight would have been worth it). The only way I have figured out how to get them back onto my computer is to right click and save picture as… Forgive me for how small the photo is.

This railroad track is located in Jacksonville, on the main highway that leads into JSU’s campus. There have been countless times I simply drove past it not taking its character. Until the day I decided I would and grabbed my little Panasonic to explore. Up I trekked up the gravel path (yes, on my hands and knees at times) to see the full railroad. It was, well, a railroad. I liked the bottom better.

If you would like to join in for PhotoChallenge 2013, check out the blog for more details. Link up is easy: Flickr, Google+, or Facebook.


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