{Thrifted} Thrift Haul for the Hubs






Five long-sleeve button up shirts.
Two polos (one is MIA because Matthew wore it to work today).
Two pair of khakis.

Both the grey button-up and green BR polo still had the original retail tags on them.

Add two dresses for Shiloh and my peep toe flats (blog post found here), and my total was $59.03. Frugal mom win.

For the skeptics, no holes, no missing buttons, secure seams, no weak fabric spots, no stains. All like new! Trust me, I thoroughly inspect before I buy

I surprised Matthew with the haul and he seemed quite pleased. Especially with the vintage-esq London Fog button-up. I’m almost certain he wishes he was a lumberjack. Check the face and his love for plaids. You won’t hear me complaining, though… :)

Happy thrifting, friends! Make plans to give it a try one day. You’ll be surprised (sometimes in a good way, other times you just have to SMH) at what you’ll find.


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