PC13 Week17 | Music

P1070757 021-2

I have been under the impression for the past 5+ years that this photo was of Matthew’s old Epiphone. However, he informed me a few weeks ago (after using this image for a flyer) that it was not in fact his old guitar but a former band mate’s guitar. Thanks, Adam, for pointing that out. I could have easily lived on thinking that I had captured an awesome shot of Matthew’s beloved guitar.

Anyway, I digress…

This photo was taken during a worship service I planned as JSU BCM’s Outreach Director in 2007-2008. It featured We’re Working On It (a BCM band), A Love Not Lost (one of the plethora of Matthew’s bands he played with in college), and Love Takes Flight (one of the Georgia bands ALNL played countless number of shows with). Rockin’ times were had. Some thought a little too rockin’… And this was during my transition out of the hardcore/post-hardcore scene, so it may have been. But it was incredibly good nonetheless. (insert quip about old fogeys here)

You can find the full photo challenge and other submissions at PhotoChallenge.org or find them on Facebook.

Also, I will be MIA for the remainder of the weekend. Potty Party Weekend (round two) begins today! Wish us luck on getting E potty trained… or at least making some progress toward potty training. Stay tuned for Monday.


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