A Layered Necklace Accident


Tory Burch Designer Inspired Open Clover Necklace in Gold : Apple of My Eye Jewelry
Long Oval Color Necklace in Coral : Quincee’s Boutique

This little mix came about by accident when I was swapping out necklaces Sunday morning before church. I first tried on the open clover necklace but wanted to see how the oval coral necklace would look as well. However, after putting on the oval necklace I decided I liked how the two looked together and voila! My first attempt to layer necklaces. So what do you think? A good accident or just a really bad clash of jewelry?

Here are also a few other pretty ways I’ve found to layer necklaces:




Happy layering!


3 thoughts on “A Layered Necklace Accident

  1. Kimbercrafts

    I absolutely love that combination of necklaces! I’ve always been a fan of the layered look, but I don’t seem to have a lot of jewelry that is compatible together.


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