Pinned It/Tried It/Love It | Big Bow

For the original tutorial, check out Love Stitched‘s post: Big bow tutorial

How absolutely adorable are fabric bows?

Answer: unbearably adorable. In my opinion, at least. And this is my blog, so there you go.

I actually pinned this tutorial this morning, then decided I wanted to go ahead and make it for Shiloh. This girl will never run short of hair bows.


After making this bow, I think it would function better as a headband, as the LS tutorial shows. And I apologize for rarely posting photos of Shiloh modeling the things I make for her. Everything is usually made when she’s napping. Otherwise, I would have to endure a screaming baby upset because she isn’t being held. SPOILED. BABY.

P.S. Linen + paisley = ultimately unbearable fabric bow.

{Okay, so I came back just to add a photo of Shiloh in her new big bow headband. She is that cute. Enjoy!}



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