Meet Susan, the newest addition.

(insert Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder here)


Oh, yes. She’s real. I may or may have not hugged her a few times. You know… Because that’s what you do with a dress form.

And refashion clothes with her.

To-may-toes, to-mah-toes.

What confidence my sweet husband has in me to give her for Mother’s Day! Either that or just indulges my multiple splurge buys. You can’t say he isn’t a good husband regardless.

So why the name Susan? Narnia. I’m obsessed and my best friend is Lucy. Her real name is Brittany but we refer to each other often as Susan and Lucy. One of our many bonds.

This men’s button-up Susan is so fashionably modeling has been my project for a whole 3-4 months. I just can’t decide on what exactly I want to completely refashion it yet. It’s been one idea at a time. First, I took in the sides pre-Susan and the shirt was still too big. A few days later I saw a split-neck tunic I liked (similar here), so I removed the collar. And this is where I left off…

Today, after getting the shirt fitted to Susan, I took in the sides another 1 1/2-inches. The tunic looks better now, but I’m still not completely satisfied, so back on Susan it goes until I get more inspiration or another refashion project takes its place. Does anyone else put off completing projects out of discouragement? In my mind it’s like having my nose rubbed in my failure if I continue on after I realize I didn’t get it right the first time (or the second)…

I’m thinking about taking off the sleeves next. It is almost summer… That will probably be my justification. Stay tuned. :)

And, you know, if you feel in the kindness of your hearts to encourage me to press on with this refashion, it won’t hurt my feelings any… Thanks in advance.


2 thoughts on “Meet Susan, the newest addition.

  1. cloudsfullofrain

    Yep, I do put off doing some projects if I just can’t seem to work it out. Yesterday, I was thinking about some of the projects that are half done. I really haven’t figured out why I can put some down so easily. I do move when inspiration hits though. Even if I have things lined up to do, if something else hits me I’ll go with it.

    I think you should forge ahead with this refashion. It has great potential. And congrats on getting Susan. Isn’t it absolutely wonderful to have a husband that encourages and funds your pursuits? Funds is the key word. Lol!!!!


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