PC13 Week18 | Agriculture

So let’s all just overlook that I neglected last Friday’s Photo Challenge post. I had nothing…


This was taken during Elisha’s first trip to the Pumpkin Patch circa 2011. I miss that big round baby pumpkin head of his. However, not so much those sleepless nights during the entire first year of his life.

He and I both had a blast and we’ve been going every year since. And not only is there an actual pumpkin patch that you get to take a hayride to (if you have no idea what a ‘hayride’ is, you are too un-southern for your own good) to pick out your very own pumpkin to paint and take home but a small barn with a corn kernel pit to play in and a super tall slide with rolling bars to slide down from the top loft; a large playground area with tire swings, see-saws, and a large metal barrel painted like a dairy cow to ride; a small train made from more large metal barrels hauled by a small tractor to ride around the farm; and a General Store for souvenirs, snacks, and the such. Oh, and mums and hay bales and pumpkins everywhere. It’s a fall wonderland.

Matthew and I are oh so excited to take Shiloh this year for her first trip to the pumpkin patch. And to see Elisha enthralled about everything outdoors as usual. And if you have never been, find a patch to go to! Closer to September/October, of course. More than likely you and your family will not be disappointed. :)


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