#RealMamaLife | A Week in the Life of…

01cool dude shades 02bball game


04bookworm 05chewy

More like “a summer in the life of…” seeing that most of our days lately can be summed up in the photos above:

  • playing outside
  • splashing in the blow-up kiddie pool (aka La Riviera del Cunningham)
  • watching the Braves and local t-ball games
  • practicing for church softball
  • reading both new and old books
  • chewing, chewing, drooling, and chewing

Also, including, just not documented with crappy cell phone pics:

  • grilling
  • singing “I’m Bringin’ Home a Baby Bumblebee” 875733414153476509878 times a day (sadly, you think I’m joking…)
  • being run over by a mobile 7-month-old in her pink walker
  • Dora, Diego, Bubble Guppies, Max & Ruby, Monster Trucks, Super Why!

Other moms and dads, how are your summer days looking so far? Consumed with all child-related activities too? My misery is looking for company…

Honestly, we’re finding more fun than misery these days, except in the sleeping department. It’s give and take, I guess. Our babies still refuse to sleep all night, or at least on the same nights together. Our days are a blast though now that we’re able to play outside. I’m just going to briefly mention we’re looking at temps in the 90s today.

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