{Refashion} Navy-Striped Dress


This is my favorite dress of my mom’s she used to wear when I was a child. Thankfully she offered it to me before putting it in a yard sale. It has a lot of sentimental value and it took a whole lot of courage to take the refashion plunge with it. But I did it and it’s over! Expels large sigh here.

First, I turned the dress inside out and took in the sides with a single stitch then a zig-zag stitch once I made sure the dress fit after pinning it.


Then I chopped off the sleeves at the hem. This left a cute cap-sleeve effect and plus I don’t have to hem since it’s already “hemmed” at the edge. And Mom, please don’t freak out. I know you’re thinking Barbies with no hair. I promise it looks great!


Next, I tried the dress on to figure out where I wanted the bottom of the dress to fall. Once I pinned the bottom to mark the hem, I laid the dress out flat on one side to measure how much to chop the skirt. It came to 18-inches. So I measured and pinned from the hem of the skirt up 18-inches on one side, pinned, and chopped. Then I laid the other side of the dress flat and used the chopped portion of the dress as my guide to cut the other side.


Either my Mom is totally okay and wondering why I think she may be freaking out or she’s totally freaking out right now.

Once the big chop was complete, I ran a single stitch across the bottom of the skirt to prevent any fringing or running. I did this to keep a more “flowy” effect to the dress.


And here’s the finished product:


I adore this dress.

It’s my new favorite. Especially for how simple it was to complete. Mostly just a bunch of chopping and single stitching. I’m actually kind of bummed that I waited so long to refashion it, but at least I can rest easy knowing that it came out as well as it did. I mean, I could have ridiculously botched it and deeply regretted it.

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18 thoughts on “{Refashion} Navy-Striped Dress

  1. Henriette Roued (@HenrietteRoued)

    This dress refashion looks so lovely and fresh. Very spring!
    Thank you for sharing this refashion on the Refashion Co-op :-)
    I would be ever so grateful if you would help me build an awesome resource for dress refashions by sharing your favourite dress refashion tutorials here and your fab dress refashions here on the Refashion Co-op

    Oh and thank you for adding the button. Really appreciate it.

    xx Eddie

    Eddie’s Room on Facebook come over for some crafty ideas and conversation. :-)

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  3. plhuyoung

    Wow! Just wow. I love it paired with the white shirt and belt. I really like that you’ve brought the dress up to date and have been able to enjoy it too!

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