Pinned it/Tried it/It’s Okay… T-Shirt Cover-Up

I pinned this swimsuit cover-up tutorial from a blog that I love; so, I’m not going to post the link here since everything else she does is brilliant and I don’t want to negatively affect her blog in any way. I think the only thing I should have done differently was to choose a shirt that was more my size than swiping one of Matthew’s tees.



I marked my t-shirt from the outside edge of the collar to the bottom edge of the armpit and cut:


Then I cut the collar “straps” and used it as casing to insert my ribbon to make new straps:


I stitched the edges of the ribbon to secure them together. This could also be made into a “no-sew” project by tying the ends together in a cute bow or a simple knot.


Eh. Not impressed. It felt more like a “down by the river” cover-up versus a “lounging by the pool” cover-up. I’m not giving up on it yet, though. I threw it on Susan to have the arm holes taken it a little more. Should make for the perfect beach cover-up once that’s taken care of. Only 2 months and 13 days to go!!


3 thoughts on “Pinned it/Tried it/It’s Okay… T-Shirt Cover-Up

  1. alligatortoe

    Thanks for the mention! Bummer your shirt/dress didn’t come out the way you wanted, but I think you’re right, if it was better fitted it could be much cuter! :)

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