#RealMamaLife | Just Taking a Break

What most people think stay-at-home moms do:


What we actually do:




We juggle kids. We juggle them in the midst of everyday life. We juggle kids when we’re busy catching up on a week’s worth of laundry or doing last night’s dishes. When we just need a break to ourselves for a mere 5 minutes… This is what our “break” looks like.


Where we embrace the glory and humour in the chaos. Un-staged and imperfectly beautiful.’


6 thoughts on “#RealMamaLife | Just Taking a Break

  1. Mekenna

    Lord knows this was true for me mother when I and my sister were younger. She would try to take a nap and my sister and I would walk into her room about ten times asking her questions like: “Are you taking a nap?, ” or “Can I have a cookie?” and “Can we watch a movie?”
    Now that we’re older of course, she can sleep peacefully. (Sometimes) ;-)

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