{DIY} Getting into a bit of Gardening



After literal years of talking about trying to plant and grow our own herbs, we have finally done it! Matthew has studied his brain out on “how-tos” online and I’ve been the more “this-is-what-the-back-of-the-seeds-packet-says-to-do” type. Thankfully, it seems at least the basil may survive our black thumbs. I thought the cilantro had also sprouted, but the little green speck I found ended up being just a tiny piece of grass that must have blown into the pot while Matthew mowed the lawn yesterday… But alas, we shall soon see. The parsley is supposed to take stinkin’ forever to sprout so we’re not anticipating anything until probably the end of next month. That is if it survives. Like I said, four black thumbs over here.


Matthew’s BIL also gave us three blueberry trees to plant. Per Jon Mark’s instructions, we should have blueberries this summer! And in case you’re wondering, we planted the trees along the road because it was the best place for sunlight throughout the day. I’m still thinking we may have to move them back a bit; but since Matthew will be the one to dig and replant them, I’ll leave that call up to him. I do like that once they’re bigger our backyard will be more sectioned off from the road.

Look out for blueberries, blueberries, and more blueberries in future posts.


And my precious, resilient Oxalis (please someone correct me if I’m wrong because it was the closest I could find on Google) flowers Elisha gave me on Mother’s Day. We planted it the day after Elisha brought it home in a cute little shoe “vase” he made at preschool, and the poor thing has been neglected, stepped on, really anything that can happen other than being pulled up out of the ground. Every time I think I’ve finally managed to kill it, a bright new flower pops out. I’m getting better about tending to it now that I think it’s indestructible. You think that logic should be the other way around.

Are any of you attempting new gardening projects of your own or a seasoned gardener? As always, any and all tips and suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thankfully, JM is one of those seasoned gardeners so most of our little plants should have a shot at surviving.


4 thoughts on “{DIY} Getting into a bit of Gardening

  1. restored159 (k2)

    Gardening is my PASSION! I’m in, just yell. The blueberry bushes need lots of pine straw and lots of water. Mine all died due to noncare during these last five medical years of ours. But IF they had been watered properly and kept in acid soil, they would have done just absolutely fine. By the road is a good way to loose your berries, btw. Any help – count me in!

    1. taraallglorious Post author

      I was hoping to get some of your gardening knowledge. :) Matthew says we’ll just keep the branches trimmed on the side that faces the road. I think he’s hoping the incline will help keep them out of the road as well. I’m still not so sure. Getting some pine straw!


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