PC13 Week25 | Sunset


Just looking at this picture makes my senses overwhelmed with the memory of this place. I can smell the warm ocean, feel the salty humidity on my skin, hear the rolling pattern of waves mingled with the sound of traffic on the opposite street. The past two summers Matthew and I have gone with his family to Panama City Beach for our big family vacation. This is easily one of my most favorite places in the world; I think more so because of how much fun we have together as one big family. No formal itineraries, just being lazy and eating lots of really bad food. Holly and I always have a book in hand laying out on the beach or by the pool. Cindy’s always occupied with Elisha or planning her next Wal-Mart trip to pick up something we need or forgot. Jimmy’s always napping or taking it easy around the condo or pool. Matthew is always talking about what and/or where we’re going to eat next. JM is either hot-tubbing or playing video games. There’s usually one day, though, Matthew and Jon Mark venture out into the ocean to “body surf” which looks a lot more like them getting slammed in the chest by incoming waves. I’m excited to see how Shiloh and Lyla end up in the mix. I foresee Shiloh wanting to stay inside with her Daddy or in the pool. Maybe Lyla will end up being our beach baby so I can have an excuse to stay on the beach all day.

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