Wearing My Steals #01

I’ve decided to start posting some of my outfits, ones that are primarily made up of thrift scores, super sales, or hand-me-downs, in my continual efforts to encourage you all to try thrifting and buying clearance/sales items before paying full retail price for your clothing.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

P.S. No one gets to make fun of me since this is my first “style” post. I’ll make my disclaimer now: I am in no way to be considered a style/fashion blogger. Just a ridiculously frugal blogger sharing my finds and steals.

Okay, NOW let’s get started…


Dress: Sammydress $10.32
Peep-toe wedges: thrifted $3.99
Necklace: Caroline G boutique free with promo code
Earrings: LarqueByjason $12.00 with free shipping

Total outfit: $26.31


6 thoughts on “Wearing My Steals #01

  1. alligatortoe

    That dress looks gorgeous on you! I have drooled over the thrifty finds at sammydress so many times but never actually purchased anything, but maybe now I will have to! :)


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