Simple Scones

Since before Matthew and I were married, even engaged, he has begged me to learn how to make scones. The quote, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” could not apply more to my dear husband. I mean, our TV is always set on children’s television or Food Network, not by my choosing. Give me Grey’s any day.

Last weekend I finally caved and agreed to try to make him scones. Thankfully this simple recipe made it possible and I, therefore, made my husband’s dreams come true.

I started with this recipe from


I mixed all the dry ingredients together in a bowl, then added them to my food processor to cut in the butter:



This is the important part: I took a 1-cup measuring cup, added my beaten egg, then filled the remainder of the cup with milk. On my second attempt I mixed in equal parts milk and half-and-half in with the egg. This gave it more of a scone consistency.


See? Serious face. And a face with no makeup. Still not sure how I feel about posting that face…


After mixing everything together well, I kneaded my dough and cut into circles to bake!


I would say he’s pleased. :)



Hope you all had a great 4th! My little family had a great time at Nana’s eating pulled-pork barbecue, potato salad, deviled eggs (dyed red, white, and blue courtesy of my cute sister), cornbread made with Old Mill cornmeal, and homemade ice cream. Tomorrow we’ll continue the celebration with the Cunninghams! And to our neighbors who thought it was a great idea to shoot fireworks at 10pm last night for a full 30-minutes knowing there are babies and toddlers in almost every home in a 3-block radius, I hope someone shot you in the butt with a bottle rocket. I say this in the most loving manner possible.


4 thoughts on “Simple Scones

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  2. Mekenna

    I’ve never had a scone before I don’t believe, but I’m almost always open to trying new things.
    BTW, You look fine without makeup! It’s called natural beauty let it shine!! :-)

    1. taraallglorious Post author

      Aw, thanks Mekenna! You should definitely try them out. This was the only scone recipe I have found over the past 3 years that hasn’t intimidated me. Worth at least one or two tries.


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