{Refashion} Lavender-Mint Dress

As most of my refashions have come about, I picked up this dress at a local thrift store with the specific purpose of refashioning it. If you can’t tell on Susan, it’s about two sizes too big.

DSC_0005 (2)-ag

I just couldn’t pass up that print though and the potential I had in mind for recreating it. I started by turning the dress inside-out on my dress form to take in the sides. Yes, I did pin the two layers together and took them in with one single stitch. Jilly did it, so can I.


As you can tell, even after taking it in the sides were a still a bit too “billowy” for my liking. The inner layer fit perfectly, but the outer layer still wanted to hang loose (no pun intended).


To further take in the outer layer, I pinned the two layers together on the dress form at the outer arm hole to keep the sleeve from shifting. Then I pulled the excess fabric of the outside layer inside the v-neck and pinned to create a more fitted shape.


I stitched the new v-neck down, then pulled the dress wrong-side-out again to trim up the bottom layer. I made sure to pull out the outer layer away from the bottom layer to prevent any possible snips in the fabric.


Using the extra fabric from the bottom layer, I constructed a wider lining across each side of the v-neck, pinned it in place, stitched it down, and trimmed off the excess material.


I’m not too overly thrilled about the final outcome, but it’s 100% better than before. At least it’s wearable now. I do love the skirt portion of the dress with the higher inner layer. I tried googling what this type of dress this is called, but no luck…


Oh, and I’m sporting two new pieces of jewelry, scored through Sassy Steals and Very Jane. I’ve never been a big fan of chunky bracelets before, but once I started seeing these classic chunky chains around the blogosphere, I knew I had to get one for myself. And, yes, I love it. I found the earrings were so much prettier once I put them on. I can see myself wearing both of these pieces quite often.

DzSC_0018 (24)-ag
sunburst filigree earrings in cream
gold classic link bracelet by MidnightGirls


14 thoughts on “{Refashion} Lavender-Mint Dress

  1. reganking2013

    I like the outcome! Actually, I think I’m so in love with the fabric that I’d like any way it was worn – it’s so feminine without being girly and light and summery – love it!!

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