Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Shiloh Cate!

Today you are officially one-year-old! Where has the time gone? You’re now solely on whole milk, you love to dance, and you have been walking for little over a month now. You love to watch Dora and we’ve completely given up the fight to feed you baby food anymore. Since your hair is still short and very light a lot of people think you’re a little boy, which behooves me because to me you look very feminine even without hair. You have the sweetest smile and squishiest cheeks, which you definitely inherited from Mommy. You also have eight teeth!?! And you love to follow Elisha around the house and play with only the toys he’s playing with at the time, which obviously makes him pretty mad at you. We’ve had to teach him to not tell you to “Go away!”

We love you, sweet girl, more than words can express and could never thank God enough for giving us the blessing of adding you to our little family.







Happy birthday, our little ladybug.


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One thought on “Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Shiloh Cate!

  1. diaryofamadmama

    Aww she’s so adorable!

    My little girl had virtually no hair (and what little she did have was light light blonde and super short), so people would always mistake her for a boy, which aggravated me to no end, because when she wasn’t in a dress, she was wearing pink constantly and I always would put bonnets or headbands with big bows on them around her head.

    The opposite was true for my boys. They were blessed with lots of hair (my youngest curly) so although they were always dressed in very boyish clothes with cars and what not on them, people always thought they were girls! lol

    I love your photographs, by the way! :)


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