{DIY} Ruffle-Bottom Baby Pants

I’m not sure about the rest of the US, but ruffle-bottom pants for baby and toddler girls are super popular here in the South. My genius sister-in-law Holly drafted her very own pattern of a pair for my niece Lyla and graciously told me how to as well. To continue her graciousness, I’m going to pass this super easy pattern and sewing tutorial on to you all.

Grab a pair of pants that fit your girl well and trace an outline of them on your pattern paper/material (I used one of Matthew’s old undershirts that was too big for him), adding roughly an inch around to allot for the hem.


Make sure the fabric is facing right-sides together and cut out the legs. Pin and sew both of the crotch seams together (you will still have two separate pieces). Pin and sew the inseams together, which will connect the two separate legs. Start pinning at the bottom of the crotch hem and go down each of the legs to make sure your seams match up. Last, pin and sew the outer seams together. The pants should be inside-out.

Once the pants are connected, press the waist casing and hem for the bottom of the legs. Sew the casing down, making sure to leave an 1-2 inch gap to insert the elastic. Insert and sew the ends of the elastic together and sew up the casing gap.


Here is how the pants look thus far:


Now to add the ruffles. Cut out a folded 12″x8-1/2″ rectangle. Unfold and cut in half lengthwise.


Hem the raw top and bottom edges down, then sew the side edges together to create a circle. To create the ruffle, lower the tension of the upper thread to 2 and sew a straight stitch about 1/2″ below the top hem of the ruffle. Pull the strings and gather material.


I used the extension foot to measure how much I wanted the ruffles gathered around. Pin the ruffle onto the bottom of the legs. Raise the tension of your upper thread back to normal and sew a straight stitch over the gathered stitch to secure the ruffle onto the pants.


And that’s it!


I have a purpose for not posting Shiloh modeling her new pants. I made them to match her birthday shirt she’ll be wearing to her birthday party Saturday, which I plan to share photos of next week. Trust me, she is beyond adorable in them, especially with her shuffle-waddle walk.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions for me! They’re quite easy to make once you get the hang of it. I was new to the gathering technique, but I feel pretty confident in my gathering skills now after making a total of three pairs thus far. I may be addicted because I have plenty more planned for both Shiloh and Lyla.

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