{DIY} Shiloh & Lyla’s No-Sew Tutu

When I first saw this pin while I was still pregnant with Shiloh I knew it would be a future Halloween costume for her (along with this one AND this one, but Batman of course). I chose the first because after a full week of taking care of two sick babies, I needed something super simple. Also, Holly (my sister-in-law) and I had decided about a month or so back that we wanted to dress both Shiloh and Lyla (my niece) as little ghosts.

Here are my sweet babies at Halloween last year:

Happy, Happy Halloween 2012!

Crazy to think my baby girl was only a few weeks old then…

I had also made the girls similar tutus back in February for Valentine’s Day, so I knew it couldn’t fail. No brainer, right? Halloween and zombies. I hope in my slight delirium that you guys found that funny. I’m really in need of a solid night of sleep.

Okay, so back to the tutus…


I cut the headband to create one long strip and cut two strips of ribbon the length I wanted them to fall behind the tutu. I hot glued one end of each ribbon to each end of the cut ends of the headband to create the bow on the back when tied together. Then I cut mostly even strips of tulle (they don’t have to be perfectly even to make the tutu a bit “shabby”).


I tried tying the tulle strands as shown in the first image, but no matter how tightly I pulled the tulle it kept coming undone. Then I tried hot gluing the backs of the loops on the backside of the headband, but that didn’t work too well either and was way too time-consuming. I finally gave up, cut off the glued tulle, and started over again by simply tying the tulle in double-knots which ended up working perfectly, the same as the first tutus I made. The white tulle allows the yellow to show a little, so next time I’ll wrap the headband completely with the same white ribbon used for the bow ties to completely cover the color of the headband.


I continued to tie each tulle strand down the headband until I reached the end. Oh, and that glitter was maddening. I’m still sweeping up piles of it off the floor. DO NOT use cheap glitter tulle.


That’s it! Super easy as long as you’re patient and diligent. Find a good show to watch multiple episodes of to pass the time. May I suggest Grey’s Anatomy or Bones. The Killing is also quite awesome.


I’m loving all the homemade/DIY Halloween costumes floating around the blogosphere. To finish up the girls’ costumes, Holly is appliqueing little ghost faces similar to the inspiration pin on white long-sleeve onesies instead of putting the faces on the actual tutus. It’s a bit too cold to let our babies out in this already-freezing weather in the tutus alone. I’m excited to show you all Elisha’s costume next.


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4 thoughts on “{DIY} Shiloh & Lyla’s No-Sew Tutu

  1. Misty Reagan

    This is adorable! I actually make tutu’s as well…haven’t in a while, but I’ve made a few…I use the baby head bands that you clip bows etc. into – the stretchy ones with all the holes? I just loop the tulle around the squares in the headband, and then you can layer colors :) If you want to try it that way, let me know, I’ll show you how :)


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