Meet Tara

She was like wine turned to water then turned back to wine.


I’m a mother, wife, social worker, photographer, and follower of Jesus Christ. I love life with everything it has in store and the future and hope my Abba Father holds for me.

The idea behind my blog is to promote more DIY projects, repurposing and thrifting of things, and how it mixes with my sweet crazy life as a mother. Just think… instead of just tossing things in the trash when you think you have no more use for them, actually trying to transform them into something you do need or into the latest trends. Just imagine the potential it could all have! I also enjoy photography and baking, which are featured at times as well.

Please feel free to leave me your ideas and potential projects. They may just be featured!

And as always, stay up-to-date with the latest posts by subscribing via e-mail updates, following on your own personal blog, and/or finding me on Facebook and Pinterest {Tara Cunningham} or Twitter {@taraallglorious}.


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