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#RealMamaLife | 4th of July



Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I ate way more than should be legal and should really be taking care of the piles of laundry and dishes that have been hanging around for the past few days…


{Refashion} Floral 4th of July Shirt


This shirt was another thrift store purchase made with the sole intention of refashioning. I really like the dark navy and red floral-print combo, and thought it would be perfect to wear for our upcoming 4th of July festivities.

As you can tell, the shirt is far too big and with Alabama 70+% humidity now those sleeves are NOT going to fly. So off they went:


Then I took the sides in. I only pinned one side on my dress form so I was able to take it off the form to sew. I laid the shirt flat and measured and pinned the un-pinned side the same as the pinned side:


After both sides were pinned, I stitched them up and tried it on to make sure it fit well before cutting off the excess material. It fit perfectly (after 3 attempts) so off came those sides:


Not finished just yet! Since the shirt was too big to start with I still needed to take in the arm holes a bit since the edges hung over my shoulders. I swiped some of Elisha’s sidewalk chalk to sketch the line seeing that yellow marker wouldn’t show up too well on dark navy fabric. Once I measured, drew, and cut my first arm hole, I used the leftover scrap to measure the other arm hole to match:


Using more leftover scraps from the sides, I cut two strips of fabric to use as double-sided bias tape to hem the arm holes:


To make: 1) fold and press a strip in half length-wise. 2) unfold, then fold and press the two pressed sides in toward the center length-wise. 3) fold the two new folds in together length-wise and press. Here’s a better tutorial here (I only follow steps 9-11, so you can skip all the before mess unless you just want to see how difficult you can make creating your own tape can be).

I pinned the bias tape on my arm holes and stitched them down. When I tried the shirt back on to see how they fit, the arm holes were still too wide, so I folded them under once and stitched them down. This made them fit perfectly!

How do you like my new 4th shirt?


It came out just as I had imagined it in the thrift store. Now all that’s left is to lounge poolside and eat Matthew’s famous pulled-pork barbeque with our babies, my mom, and sister.

What do you all have planned for the 4th? Hopefully lots of good food and lots of good company.