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Lyla Rosalee | Christmas2013









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A Bit of Thanksgiving Cheer


Hope you all had a good day!

And now, it’s time for my most favorite time of the year…


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The Brooke Danielle Band | ultra-mini session

So I completely forgot about making this post! Two weeks ago (I think…) Brooke came up to me after church and asked if I could shoot a few photos of her band for an upcoming event flyer, and of course I obliged!

Brooke, I had a great time working with you all! Even if it was just a 20-minute, super-fast session.



Readers, be on the lookout for both Brooke and Matt’s senior photos coming up this Spring!

And also, be sure to check out this hot teen-country band for yourselves on Facebook, YouTube, and ReverbNation.

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Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Shiloh Cate!

Today you are officially one-year-old! Where has the time gone? You’re now solely on whole milk, you love to dance, and you have been walking for little over a month now. You love to watch Dora and we’ve completely given up the fight to feed you baby food anymore. Since your hair is still short and very light a lot of people think you’re a little boy, which behooves me because to me you look very feminine even without hair. You have the sweetest smile and squishiest cheeks, which you definitely inherited from Mommy. You also have eight teeth!?! And you love to follow Elisha around the house and play with only the toys he’s playing with at the time, which obviously makes him pretty mad at you. We’ve had to teach him to not tell you to “Go away!”

We love you, sweet girl, more than words can express and could never thank God enough for giving us the blessing of adding you to our little family.







Happy birthday, our little ladybug.


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PC13 Week25 | Sunset


Just looking at this picture makes my senses overwhelmed with the memory of this place. I can smell the warm ocean, feel the salty humidity on my skin, hear the rolling pattern of waves mingled with the sound of traffic on the opposite street. The past two summers Matthew and I have gone with his family to Panama City Beach for our big family vacation. This is easily one of my most favorite places in the world; I think more so because of how much fun we have together as one big family. No formal itineraries, just being lazy and eating lots of really bad food. Holly and I always have a book in hand laying out on the beach or by the pool. Cindy’s always occupied with Elisha or planning her next Wal-Mart trip to pick up something we need or forgot. Jimmy’s always napping or taking it easy around the condo or pool. Matthew is always talking about what and/or where we’re going to eat next. JM is either hot-tubbing or playing video games. There’s usually one day, though, Matthew and Jon Mark venture out into the ocean to “body surf” which looks a lot more like them getting slammed in the chest by incoming waves. I’m excited to see how Shiloh and Lyla end up in the mix. I foresee Shiloh wanting to stay inside with her Daddy or in the pool. Maybe Lyla will end up being our beach baby so I can have an excuse to stay on the beach all day.

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PC13 Week 23 | Summer


I may or may not have skipped another week. Oh well. Too bad, so sad.

This photo is a reminder of such simple times for Matthew and me. I was in my second trimester with Elisha, so we still had magical, cotton candy dreams about life with children, untainted by real life poop, tantrums, and house arrest (Shiloh gets easily car sick). We were on our babymoon in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We had just bought this umbrella and Matthew was a pro at getting it set up for us to lay out and enjoy some sunshine on white sugar sand.  Earlier, we had just stuffed our faces with lunch at Lambert’s Cafe, which is highly recommended to anyone traveling through Foley. Here are a few more cute photos of that trip:

1ry=400     2ry=4003ry=400     4ry=400

Our only summer as a family of two. I can definitely say life with two more is much richer. Imagine watching your babies see the ocean for the first time. I am so looking forward to August when Shiloh gets to for the first time.