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OldNavy Birthday WishList

OldNavy Birthday WishList

wrap dress//open front sweater//sweatshirt//blue flannel shirt//skinny jeans//black flat//zip tote bag//scarf

My 27th birthday was Tuesday and Wednesday my mother-in-law and sister-in-law surprised me with a shopping spree and take-out dinner for this coming Saturday. It’s no secret that I love Old Navy, so I automatically decided that would be our first stop. However, if I did in fact go there first, all my birthday shopping spree money would be blown there and that would be the end of said shopping spree. So instead my plan is to make it my last stop/last resort kind of thing if I can’t find anything anywhere else. Obviously I did scope out Old Navy and put this together to share what I would buy if I did/do end up there.
Where would you suggest? The only other places on my list right now are Maurices and TJ Maxx.

Pinspiration Outfits for Fall

{These were all taken from Pinterest. Each image links back to pin and source, in case you would like to save for yourself.}



Essentially, I’m loving boots, oversized sweaters, tights, and chunky scarves. Lace and leather. Tulle and plaid. Big knits and always, always floral.


Did I mention I dyed my hair red?

What I’m wearing
– Merona sweater dress: $8 (online exchange)
– infinity scarf: $0 (self-made from one of Matthew’s old t-shirts)
– leggings: $4 from Body Central (a few years ago)
– boots: $198 from Canvas by Lands’ End (Christmas gift)
– earrings: $5 (fundraiser jewelry sale)

For more Fall/Winter inspiration, check out:

Wearing My Steals #01

I’ve decided to start posting some of my outfits, ones that are primarily made up of thrift scores, super sales, or hand-me-downs, in my continual efforts to encourage you all to try thrifting and buying clearance/sales items before paying full retail price for your clothing.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

P.S. No one gets to make fun of me since this is my first “style” post. I’ll make my disclaimer now: I am in no way to be considered a style/fashion blogger. Just a ridiculously frugal blogger sharing my finds and steals.

Okay, NOW let’s get started…


Dress: Sammydress $10.32
Peep-toe wedges: thrifted $3.99
Necklace: Caroline G boutique free with promo code
Earrings: LarqueByjason $12.00 with free shipping

Total outfit: $26.31

{Thrifted} LS Blouse by James Kenrod by Dalton

Along with my new venture into refashioning, I’ve also decided to dive back into the world of thrifting. I loved thrifting back in my college days; however, once the last two years at JSU kicked into full-gear, thrifting went to the back-burner along with most other things in my life not related to my degree.

And I feel pretty great about my first find! My sweet husband freed me from our kids for an hour and a half just to let me go shopping. And much to my surprise I came back to all three of them still in one piece.

This blouse declares it is time for Spring! Do you hear that Mr. Sun?


And this print, it makes me swoon.


I couldn’t find much info for this designer/brand… I did find several Etsy and eBay shops selling other pieces from the brand. Several happened to be from the ’70s, which makes me super happy to even remotely consider this might be vintage. So if anyone does have any info please let me know!

The top also came with a sash, but I decided to pair it with a belt instead.


Belt : Old Navy
Tank : Buckle
Black skinny jeans : Old Navy

This lovely wasn’t my only find from the weekend, but I plan on saving those for other thrifted posts to come. I also picked up another refashion, so stick around to see the result.

Hope you’re all having a great Monday! My two and I have been up since 4:45am, so here’s to a long nap later today.

Texture mixing

I was recently inspired by Kate over at The Small Things Blog when she posted about experimenting with different textures and patterns. In her post, she challenges her readers to do their own experimenting, so I gave it a try. And here is what resulted with my first try:


I was also inspired by the new Prabal Gurung line at Target. I adore all things floral. And this sweater.


And I am pretty pleased with myself actually. However, my sister says I’m weird when it comes to fashion, so I’m not quite sure how others will/have percieved my experiment.

So let me know what you think! Does it work? Or am I just weird.

Sweater: Old Navy (a Christmas present from my SIL)
Scarf: pickup at a thrift store near Birmingham (many moons ago in my college days)

The sweater/scarf duo was paired with dark wash bootcut jeans (also from Old Navy) and suede black flats (from Zulily).