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{DIY} French Pouf Clip/Pin

I found this tutorial originally on One Project Closer’s: The Better Half via Pinterest. I have plenty of fabric scraps piled on my kitchen table/craft table and what little girl doesn’t need more hair bows? With both Shiloh and Lyla (my niece), it’s twice as worse with wanting to make every kind of hair bow, flower, headband that can possibly be found to make.

Start out with fabric and two circles (the largest the circumference you want the pouf and another a little smaller but wide enough for the actual clip):


Using the stencil circles, cut 12 large circles and 2 small circles from the fabric:


To start, lay one of the small circles out flat (this will be the bottom of the pouf) and dab a small amount of hot glue (or glue of your preference) in the middle of a large circle. Fold like so:


Once the large circle is folded, place another dab of glue on the bottom corner:


Glue the fold to the top of the small circle and repeat with 3 more until you make a circle. This is the first layer. Add another layer of 4 folds on top of the first layer to make the second layer.



For the remaining 4 large circles, fold them like so and glue them to make the last layer.



With the remaining small circle, cut 2 small slits in the center to insert the clip.

(I trimmed up that top edge for a smoother circle.)

Glue the circle and clip to the bottom of the pouf.


Ta-da! Sweet, sweet pouf. I may or may not have already made 5 others before this actual pouf for the girls. Don’t judge me.

Sweet girl was recovering from a small screaming fit from waking up to find herself not being held. She is one spoiled rotten baby.

Obviously, these can be made to any size and into a pin. Whatever you prefer. This one actually turned out a little bigger than the others, but it’s adorable nonetheless. This was the perfect way to use up some of my scraps lying around/crowding up my table.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! Hopefully sans rain unlike those of us in the southern part of the country.


{DIY} Shabby Chic flower hair clip

I bought Shiloh a sweet little flower headband for Christmas this past year and after looking it over I was inspired to try to make my own. And after being able to make it myself I wanted to kick myself for actually paying for one…

So before any of you DIY fans make the same mistake, here’s the tutorial to my Shabby Chic flower:

First you’ll want to gather a scrap of fabric approximately 37in long. Cut it into 4 strips lengthwise, approximately 2cm wide. Iron the strips in half lengthwise, which will make them 1cm now. (I promise, it may be a little more time-consuming to iron the fold, but it will save you oh so much frustration in the end.)

To begin you’ll want to fold your first folded strip in half, like this:


Dab a little of Mod Podge on the inside where you will start the curl. A DIYer’s best friend.

You could also use a hot glue gun, but seeing that glue is going to leak out on your fingers, hot glue probably isn’t your best option… Consider yourself warned.

As you curl the flower keep applying more dabs of MP every few turns.


Once you come to the end of your strip, make a long dab of MP to make sure that it is glued down well. Continue the curl with the other 3 strips, but with the opposite end facing up. (For example, if you want the raw end to be the center, turn the other 3 strips folded side up; or vice versa. To me, it just gives the flower a little more detail.)


The result should look like this:


Now you’re going to use your flower to measure the backing where you will insert the clip.


First of all, are you really surprised to see my yellow marker? Second, remember these? They’re the neckholes cut from my earlier {DIY} Refashed Baby Bibs post. Waste not, want not.

Measure the approximate width of the clip you’re going to be using, marking two slits where you will cut. Cut and insert clip.


Apply a generous amount of MP to the backing as well as under the two outer sides of the clip to make sure they are secure.


Once they’re dry, that’s it! I would give them overnight to dry just to be safe.





Hope you enjoy!