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PC13 Week25 | Sunset


Just looking at this picture makes my senses overwhelmed with the memory of this place. I can smell the warm ocean, feel the salty humidity on my skin, hear the rolling pattern of waves mingled with the sound of traffic on the opposite street. The past two summers Matthew and I have gone with his family to Panama City Beach for our big family vacation. This is easily one of my most favorite places in the world; I think more so because of how much fun we have together as one big family. No formal itineraries, just being lazy and eating lots of really bad food. Holly and I always have a book in hand laying out on the beach or by the pool. Cindy’s always occupied with Elisha or planning her next Wal-Mart trip to pick up something we need or forgot. Jimmy’s always napping or taking it easy around the condo or pool. Matthew is always talking about what and/or where we’re going to eat next. JM is either hot-tubbing or playing video games. There’s usually one day, though, Matthew and Jon Mark venture out into the ocean to “body surf” which looks a lot more like them getting slammed in the chest by incoming waves. I’m excited to see how Shiloh and Lyla end up in the mix. I foresee Shiloh wanting to stay inside with her Daddy or in the pool. Maybe Lyla will end up being our beach baby so I can have an excuse to stay on the beach all day.

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PC13 Week 23 | Summer


I may or may not have skipped another week. Oh well. Too bad, so sad.

This photo is a reminder of such simple times for Matthew and me. I was in my second trimester with Elisha, so we still had magical, cotton candy dreams about life with children, untainted by real life poop, tantrums, and house arrest (Shiloh gets easily car sick). We were on our babymoon in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We had just bought this umbrella and Matthew was a pro at getting it set up for us to lay out and enjoy some sunshine on white sugar sand.  Earlier, we had just stuffed our faces with lunch at Lambert’s Cafe, which is highly recommended to anyone traveling through Foley. Here are a few more cute photos of that trip:

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Our only summer as a family of two. I can definitely say life with two more is much richer. Imagine watching your babies see the ocean for the first time. I am so looking forward to August when Shiloh gets to for the first time.

PC13 Week21 | Architecture


Matthew and I went away overnight to Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate our 1-year-anniversary. We stayed at the Ellis Hotel, which fully exceeded our expectations. We would recommend it to anyone wanting to splurge on a nice place to stay.

This photo was taken of one of the buildings outside our room window, the Westin Peachtree Plaza, I think. The weather was cold and dreary and rained on and off for the evening and night, but that didn’t deter us from getting out to walk the streets downtown and through Centennial Olympic Park. It was the perfect trip to celebrate such a crazy, beautiful year.

PC13 Week18 | Agriculture

So let’s all just overlook that I neglected last Friday’s Photo Challenge post. I had nothing…


This was taken during Elisha’s first trip to the Pumpkin Patch circa 2011. I miss that big round baby pumpkin head of his. However, not so much those sleepless nights during the entire first year of his life.

He and I both had a blast and we’ve been going every year since. And not only is there an actual pumpkin patch that you get to take a hayride to (if you have no idea what a ‘hayride’ is, you are too un-southern for your own good) to pick out your very own pumpkin to paint and take home but a small barn with a corn kernel pit to play in and a super tall slide with rolling bars to slide down from the top loft; a large playground area with tire swings, see-saws, and a large metal barrel painted like a dairy cow to ride; a small train made from more large metal barrels hauled by a small tractor to ride around the farm; and a General Store for souvenirs, snacks, and the such. Oh, and mums and hay bales and pumpkins everywhere. It’s a fall wonderland.

Matthew and I are oh so excited to take Shiloh this year for her first trip to the pumpkin patch. And to see Elisha enthralled about everything outdoors as usual. And if you have never been, find a patch to go to! Closer to September/October, of course. More than likely you and your family will not be disappointed. :)

PC13 Week17 | Music

P1070757 021-2

I have been under the impression for the past 5+ years that this photo was of Matthew’s old Epiphone. However, he informed me a few weeks ago (after using this image for a flyer) that it was not in fact his old guitar but a former band mate’s guitar. Thanks, Adam, for pointing that out. I could have easily lived on thinking that I had captured an awesome shot of Matthew’s beloved guitar.

Anyway, I digress…

This photo was taken during a worship service I planned as JSU BCM’s Outreach Director in 2007-2008. It featured We’re Working On It (a BCM band), A Love Not Lost (one of the plethora of Matthew’s bands he played with in college), and Love Takes Flight (one of the Georgia bands ALNL played countless number of shows with). Rockin’ times were had. Some thought a little too rockin’… And this was during my transition out of the hardcore/post-hardcore scene, so it may have been. But it was incredibly good nonetheless. (insert quip about old fogeys here)

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Also, I will be MIA for the remainder of the weekend. Potty Party Weekend (round two) begins today! Wish us luck on getting E potty trained… or at least making some progress toward potty training. Stay tuned for Monday.

Phototastic Friday | PC13 – week16



Unfortunately, I have stored most of my exploring photos to Shutterfly (instead of buying an external hard drive, which in hindsight would have been worth it). The only way I have figured out how to get them back onto my computer is to right click and save picture as… Forgive me for how small the photo is.

This railroad track is located in Jacksonville, on the main highway that leads into JSU’s campus. There have been countless times I simply drove past it not taking its character. Until the day I decided I would and grabbed my little Panasonic to explore. Up I trekked up the gravel path (yes, on my hands and knees at times) to see the full railroad. It was, well, a railroad. I liked the bottom better.

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