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A Bit of Thanksgiving Cheer


Hope you all had a good day!

And now, it’s time for my most favorite time of the year…


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#RealMamaLife | 4th of July



Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I ate way more than should be legal and should really be taking care of the piles of laundry and dishes that have been hanging around for the past few days…

#RealMamaLife | Life with ELC

This boy…


He is the epitome of the terrible-twos. He is stubborn, sometimes seemingly spiteful. He is finicky. He is picky. He is loud. He wants his way, always. He thinks everything is “mine.”

However terrible he may seem at times, I cannot imagine my life without him. I don’t want to.

Because of how terrible he may seem at times, the love emitted from this tiny person is equally as great.


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#RealMamaLife | Just Taking a Break

What most people think stay-at-home moms do:


What we actually do:




We juggle kids. We juggle them in the midst of everyday life. We juggle kids when we’re busy catching up on a week’s worth of laundry or doing last night’s dishes. When we just need a break to ourselves for a mere 5 minutes… This is what our “break” looks like.


Where we embrace the glory and humour in the chaos. Un-staged and imperfectly beautiful.’

#RealMamaLife | Happy Memorial Day!


Real Mama Life: No serious faces (Elisha) or ultimate serious faces (Shiloh). Add a super pollinated front porch that has been swept about 5 different times to no avail (anyone wanting to lend us a pressure washer or just pressure wash our porch/house for free??)

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day! We’re hanging out and grilling at Granna and PawPaw’s house to celebrate.

To all those currently in or previously in the armed forces, there are no words capable of thanking you enough for your service. Thank you so very, very much. My little family will always know about your sacrifice and to never take it nor their freedom for granted.

#RealMamaLife | A Week in the Life of…

01cool dude shades 02bball game


04bookworm 05chewy

More like “a summer in the life of…” seeing that most of our days lately can be summed up in the photos above:

  • playing outside
  • splashing in the blow-up kiddie pool (aka La Riviera del Cunningham)
  • watching the Braves and local t-ball games
  • practicing for church softball
  • reading both new and old books
  • chewing, chewing, drooling, and chewing

Also, including, just not documented with crappy cell phone pics:

  • grilling
  • singing “I’m Bringin’ Home a Baby Bumblebee” 875733414153476509878 times a day (sadly, you think I’m joking…)
  • being run over by a mobile 7-month-old in her pink walker
  • Dora, Diego, Bubble Guppies, Max & Ruby, Monster Trucks, Super Why!

Other moms and dads, how are your summer days looking so far? Consumed with all child-related activities too? My misery is looking for company…

Honestly, we’re finding more fun than misery these days, except in the sleeping department. It’s give and take, I guess. Our babies still refuse to sleep all night, or at least on the same nights together. Our days are a blast though now that we’re able to play outside. I’m just going to briefly mention we’re looking at temps in the 90s today.

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#realmamalife | Mother’s Day 2013



Not only was Mother’s Day day a special day, but my entire Mother’s Day weekend.

Friday night, which also happened to be our monthly date night, Matthew and I met up with two of our best friends Adam and Em for dinner at our favorite Chinese buffet. Dinner with two adults instead of two babies: bliss. Don’t get me wrong, though. I did miss my kids. However, I was quickly reminded to be thankful for a peaceful night out after a large family came in with three small children, the middle in which who apparently loved to shriek at random times…

I was just thankful she wasn’t my kid.

Saturday, Matthew let me sleep in, then surprised me with a massive chocolate cupcake and two chocolate truffles from my favorite local bakery. We spent the evening with his mom, dad, sister, and niece and ate crock pot shredded pork barbecue cooked in root beer. Pork shoulder + root beer + crock pot. Serve with sauce on the side. Delicious. Seriously, you should give it a try, especially if you like to cook your meat in Coca-Cola.

Sunday, after a sweet Mother’s Day service at church, we met up with my mom, sister, and nephew for lunch at a local pizza buffet. Remember earlier shrieking child? That became Jackson and Elisha at said pizza buffet. Thankfully, it was one of those restaurants tailored to families and kids that plays loud music and has arcade games blaring over loud conversations, so they were just a mix to the madness. After lunch, they came to our house for photos and to let the boys burn off some energy outside. After they left, Matthew and I had an impromptu softball lesson because I will apparently be playing church softball this summer. No concrete memory of signing up for that… Here’s to hoping they don’t kick me off the team. Band kid, right here.

I did get a big Mother’s Day gift, but I’m still waiting on it… But stay tuned, “she” will get her own blog post to come.

#RealMamaLife {4.22.13}

Okay, best link up project ever, right here:

Real Mama Life over on Le Petit Reve.

I hate the idea of making our lives seems so perfect and uneventful because, let’s face it, the stressful, crazy, messy times are what make our lives as beautiful and memorable as they are. And we might as well embrace it because it’s life. It’s going to happen and it’s going to be messy more often than not…

This project “embrace[s] the glory and humour in the chaos. Un-staged and imperfectly beautiful.” The chaos of our lives, that is, especially as parents. I have thought to myself countless times (after having kids) how the impact of making our lives seem perfect has on other parents who are in the same boat. Think about it… I’m a mom literally struggling with two kids under the age of three, I’m catching up on FB/Twitter/Instagram and see another mom with two young kids of her own and she’s gloriously flaunting her perfectly poised kids in perfect spotless clothes with perfect cheeky smiles, talking about how she simply adores them and how perfectly perfect they are and how she “got lucky” with having the best kids ever, I’m probably going to think to myself either (or both), “What is wrong with my kids?!” or, worse, “What is wrong with me as a mom? Why can’t I make my kids behave/look like that or feel that way about them?” Especially when I know in my heart her kids are holy terrors just as much as mine and she has her moments of parenting doubt herself. Why do we want to make each other feel that way? We should be supporting one another, not trying to make ourselves seem better than other parents. News flash: we as parents all mess up and make mistakes we want to take back, but we all learn from them and how to do better by our children for the future. The cliché of parenting clichés: Kids don’t come with instruction manuals.

Okay, stepping off the mini soap box now… Rants tend to happen from time to time.

So, for my first #realmamalife link up post, I give you my stubborn, terribly two-year-old son on his first day of preschool.


He’s not crying because he didn’t want to go. He’s crying because he was ready to go. No time for capturing memories… Time to get away from Mommy and Sister to play with tiny people who are much cooler than we are. Here’s the best one I managed to get, post-tantrum.


I am so looking forward to checking out other #realmamalife posts. Sometimes we all need an ego boost. Or to at least feel like we’re not the only one sinking in the sand.