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Pinspiration Outfits for Fall

{These were all taken from Pinterest. Each image links back to pin and source, in case you would like to save for yourself.}



Essentially, I’m loving boots, oversized sweaters, tights, and chunky scarves. Lace and leather. Tulle and plaid. Big knits and always, always floral.


Did I mention I dyed my hair red?

What I’m wearing
– Merona sweater dress: $8 (online exchange)
– infinity scarf: $0 (self-made from one of Matthew’s old t-shirts)
– leggings: $4 from Body Central (a few years ago)
– boots: $198 from Canvas by Lands’ End (Christmas gift)
– earrings: $5 (fundraiser jewelry sale)

For more Fall/Winter inspiration, check out:



As if the cool shift that has moved into Alabama overnight isn’t enough to put me in the mood for Fall (and peaches-and-cream oatmeal), here’s a bit more I’ve found just this morning that has officially put me into Fall-overdrive.

12 FREE Fall printables

Seriously simple DIY trick-or-treat bag

Scarf addict

(it says for summer drinks, but this screams Fall for me…)

12 places to buy polka dot tights

What are some things that bring Fall home for you? This is my most favorite season (second is dress season) so feel free to share! I’m off to make another pair of “pretty pants” for Shiloh that I’ll be sharing with you all soon. And my plans for a refashioned vintage skirt into a pair of mock palazzo pants. Stay tuned!


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{Refashion} Lengthened Pullover

I have a thing for pullover sweaters. However, finding a feminine pullover in the abyss of bulky, boxy, super cozy pullovers can be difficult.

I stumbled across this lovely at Wet Seal in 2008 and I have been hesitant in letting it go simply because I absolutely love the fit of it. It’s soft and cozy with a nice fitted shape and sweet details. The only flaw… It has shrunken lengthwise over the years.

After seeing a pin on Pinterest showing how to add length to a shirt by adding lace to the bottom, I grabbed up my favorite sweater and one of my favorite thrifted scarves and ran to the sewing machine.


How did I not think of this before?!


Okay, I lied. The length wasn’t the only flaw. If you noticed the leftover piece of scarf at the waist of the sweater, that was added as well because the original string was beyond repair. I’m pretty sure I would have added it anyway, though. It looks much prettier.


Sorry for no photo wearing the sweater. This had to be a super quick refash and post due to my two cranky bears. Plus, I just look terrible.

As always, leave me your questions or comments! Happy Duck Dynasty Season 3 Premiere Day!