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{DIY} Upcycled Cozy Christmas Pillow


Remember this pile of receiving blankets from this earlier post?

After making tons of upcycled bibs for my baby, my niece Lyla, and as gifts for a few new babies over the past year, I still have a good-sized pile at my disposal. Now that the temps are cooling way down and the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I could make a Christmas-themed pillow using one of the green blankets. I used this Pinterest idea here to stencil my lettering using simple stencils and a Sharpie.


To make the pillowcase, I folded the blanket lengthwise, sewed one short edge and the long open edge together, leaving one short edge open to insert my pillow. After I put the pillow in the case, I folded the open edges inward, pinned, and sewed the folded edges together. This way made it super easy to not only make a pillowcase but to line up the stripes in the material on the long edge.

This also could be easily replicated with fleece or another blanket-type material if you don’t have a spare blanket lying around. I also plan on using this pillow for my upcoming Christmas mini sessions along with a few other PInterest-inspired things.

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{Thrifted} Peep Toe Flats



I scored these lovelies for a whole $3.99. The only flaw I could find was a little wear on the back of the wedge where the coloring has faded to a light tan (about the size of a dime). Simple fix: Grab a brown Sharpie. Just like new.

These are also super comfy and pair well with most of my Spring dresses and skirts.

I decided to scope out similar pairs to compare my savings. And I can easily say I am beyond happy with my little peeps and my four dollars obviously well spent.

peep toe flat1
Envy Chatter Box Flat – $75.00 (on sale for $45.95)

peep toe flat2
Ecote Interlace Peep-Toe Skimmer — $39.00 (on sale $14.99)

peep toe flat5
Tomasia Peep Toe Wedge — $109.00

peep toe flat6
Rieker 43266 Mary 66 — $110.00

That would be a savings of: $10.99 – $106.00. Going to pat myself on the back now.

I hope this inspires you to try thrift shopping for yourself. And I will warn you in advance, sometimes you come out with a load and other times maybe one or two pieces. Be persistent. Thrift scores will happen. For a little more encouragement, stay tuned to my next post… Thrift Haul for the Hubs.

Happy thrifting!

{DIY} Personalized Coffee Mugs

This DIY was taken from two different pins I found on Pinterest. When do you think someone will create a Pinterest-Addicts Anonymous?

I first found this print and other lovely tree/leaf prints:


I knew I needed to find something to draw this on…

Then came this pin:

sharpie mugs

And I had just the perfect blank coffee mugs to try this DIY on. Here’s the end result:



What do you think? I am definitely quite the fan! I mean, how can you go wrong with coffee and trees?

Easy-peasy, mac-and-cheesy.

And please stay tuned for my upcoming refashion! It’s my favorite to-date, but taking a little longer than necessary seeing that I have an angry, teething baby to take care of. Oh, and I also ran out of color-coordinating thread. I promise, it will be worth the wait! Hope you’re all having a great day! We’re bunkering down here for some storms passing through this afternoon. But it is 70+ degrees, so we’ll take it!