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{Refashion} Shirred Maxi Dress

My inspiration for this dress came from SoCo Vintage’s Stripe It Lucky dress. I liked how the top of the skirt had a bit of shirring and since I had this yellow dress in my refashion stash, I decided to give it a try. (I ended up swapping out this navy tank for a different printed tank you’ll see further down):


I bought the strapless shirred maxi dress for a swimsuit cover-up last summer when I was pregnant with Shiloh. Much to my dismay, a bright yellow dress and very pregnant belly wasn’t a pretty combination. Suffice it to say I looked as though I was trying to compete with the sun.

First, I cut off the top shirred part except for the last line:


Then I took in the sides of the skirt a good bit to fit my now post-pregnancy hips. I literally took in probably a foot all together, or at least it seemed that way. All my pregnancy weight went straight to my hips. Beautiful baby belly sans stretch marks but definitely can’t say the same about my hip area.

Once the waist of the skirt matched the waist of my tank top, I pinned them together along the natural waist line of the tank and sewed them together along the shirring line:


The neckline of the tank was a little too low for comfort, so I pinned up the straps about an inch and sewed them together, which made the waist of the skirt rise a little above the natural waist where I actually wanted it to fall.

How do you like the end result?


It’s weird seeing the photos because the length of the dress doesn’t seem as long as it looks. I can walk very easily without having to pull up the dress away from my feet. Maybe it’s the jersey stretch material? Either way, I love it and cannot wait to wear it to PCB this year, which happens to be only TWO weeks away! Much more toned down and shapely than the original dress.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Matthew’s 28th birthday was yesterday and the babies and I surprised him with a little party with streamers and a “Happy Birthday” banner and cooked him homemade barbecue chicken pizza and no-bake cheesecake for supper.

(Matthew’s crappy cellphone photo)

28th pizza

Tomorrow we’re continuing the celebration, both his and his mom’s birthday, with more food and fun grilling steaks and hanging out. Can’t have fun without food or food without fun!


#RealMamaLife | 4th of July



Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I ate way more than should be legal and should really be taking care of the piles of laundry and dishes that have been hanging around for the past few days…

Pinned it/Tried it/It’s Okay… T-Shirt Cover-Up

I pinned this swimsuit cover-up tutorial from a blog that I love; so, I’m not going to post the link here since everything else she does is brilliant and I don’t want to negatively affect her blog in any way. I think the only thing I should have done differently was to choose a shirt that was more my size than swiping one of Matthew’s tees.



I marked my t-shirt from the outside edge of the collar to the bottom edge of the armpit and cut:


Then I cut the collar “straps” and used it as casing to insert my ribbon to make new straps:


I stitched the edges of the ribbon to secure them together. This could also be made into a “no-sew” project by tying the ends together in a cute bow or a simple knot.


Eh. Not impressed. It felt more like a “down by the river” cover-up versus a “lounging by the pool” cover-up. I’m not giving up on it yet, though. I threw it on Susan to have the arm holes taken it a little more. Should make for the perfect beach cover-up once that’s taken care of. Only 2 months and 13 days to go!!

#RealMamaLife | A Week in the Life of…

01cool dude shades 02bball game


04bookworm 05chewy

More like “a summer in the life of…” seeing that most of our days lately can be summed up in the photos above:

  • playing outside
  • splashing in the blow-up kiddie pool (aka La Riviera del Cunningham)
  • watching the Braves and local t-ball games
  • practicing for church softball
  • reading both new and old books
  • chewing, chewing, drooling, and chewing

Also, including, just not documented with crappy cell phone pics:

  • grilling
  • singing “I’m Bringin’ Home a Baby Bumblebee” 875733414153476509878 times a day (sadly, you think I’m joking…)
  • being run over by a mobile 7-month-old in her pink walker
  • Dora, Diego, Bubble Guppies, Max & Ruby, Monster Trucks, Super Why!

Other moms and dads, how are your summer days looking so far? Consumed with all child-related activities too? My misery is looking for company…

Honestly, we’re finding more fun than misery these days, except in the sleeping department. It’s give and take, I guess. Our babies still refuse to sleep all night, or at least on the same nights together. Our days are a blast though now that we’re able to play outside. I’m just going to briefly mention we’re looking at temps in the 90s today.

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