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#RealMamaLife | Sweet Summertime

eli mello-4

water baby-2

shiloh pool-3

Water, open truck beds, half-naked babies, and all things grillable and roastable. This is a real mama’s summertime in the South.


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PC13 Week 23 | Summer


I may or may not have skipped another week. Oh well. Too bad, so sad.

This photo is a reminder of such simple times for Matthew and me. I was in my second trimester with Elisha, so we still had magical, cotton candy dreams about life with children, untainted by real life poop, tantrums, and house arrest (Shiloh gets easily car sick). We were on our babymoon in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We had just bought this umbrella and Matthew was a pro at getting it set up for us to lay out and enjoy some sunshine on white sugar sand.  Earlier, we had just stuffed our faces with lunch at Lambert’s Cafe, which is highly recommended to anyone traveling through Foley. Here are a few more cute photos of that trip:

1ry=400     2ry=4003ry=400     4ry=400

Our only summer as a family of two. I can definitely say life with two more is much richer. Imagine watching your babies see the ocean for the first time. I am so looking forward to August when Shiloh gets to for the first time.

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Just a few of my favorite pins found this week. Stay tuned on Wednesdays for more OHP!, and to join and play along yourself:

Weekend of Goodness Recap


Saturday, my sister, nephew, and mom came down for a picnic and playdate at HB Park.


Sunday, they came back down for Shiloh and Lyla’s dedication.

On a side note: I am SUCH a fan of the natural waves going on in my hair. Completely au natural. And that orange dress, my favorite. The polka dots are shaped from flowers. I’m on a roll with this whole winning business.


Change of plans

Looks like we’re STAYING in JACKSONVILLE!! And I can’t say that I am not in the least bit EXCITED that we’re STAAAAYING!! My regional manager called me early this morning on my way back to Birmingham to start the employee process to offer me the position in ANNISTON, if I wanted it. And, of course, I DID! I wasn’t completely excited about moving… Yes, Birmingham has much more to offer as a city, but not family and Covenant. I guess my “travels” changed me into somewhat of a homebody. Once again, I am SO incredibly thankful for God allowing us to stay close to our family and friends. The plan now is to find a house near Oxford, preferably in the Eastaboga/Coldwater area. Maybe Weaver/Alexandria? But, yes, the main thing is WE ARE STAYING!! I think Matthew is slightly bummed that we’re not going to be near a more happenin’ city, but luckily we’re not too far for a trip every now and then.

To check out my agency, click the link.

Still keep us in prayer. :)

Mrs. Cunningham

Well, we’re official! As of January 15th, I am now Mrs. Matthew Cunningham. And I absolutely love it. Sharing life with my new husband has been more than great. He loves me more than I think any man (besides our sweet Savior) has ever or could ever love me. There are no words that I can find to express my love for him and for how thankful I am to be one with him.

So, on to life… We moved into a new place, leaving good ol’ PR for hopefully good. We now have a comfy, quaint townhouse a few minutes down the road. From the first week it has felt like home. I love calling it ‘home.’ We also adopted a sweet 8-week-old cocker spaniel mix named Ashbie. What a rotten mess she is, too… But we love her dearly. She and I have been spending a great deal of time together while I’m waiting on/trying to find a job. A process in which that has not been fun in the least bit. But I’m trying to be patient and trusting in my sweet Father who has incredible plans for my life. So as of now, I wait…

Back to Ashbie… I love her. :) Poop and all.

A short and sweet blog for now. I’ve got to go and finish dinner for the hubby.

Heading North… Southwest(ish),,, and further South.

What a summer I’ve gotten myself into!! Gladly, of course. This entire summer has consisted of work, work, and more work. Two jobs, one completely amazing, but the other not so much. Anyway, I’m so grateful for them; but summer just hasn’t been what it has been the past two years. After being in Monroe, Louisiana during Summer 2007 and Glorieta, New Mexico Summer 2008, being complacent has been rough. I need to explore. And, granted, I wanted a summer in Alabama for a change, but I also wanted the freedom of being able to take random trips every now and then. But with two jobs and a Sunday School class, obviously that hasn’t happened. BUT!! Once again my Jesus came through for me (because He knows exactly how I am… He created me this way!?!), and after this coming week, the next three weeks are going to be jam-packed with way too much goodness.

The first week in August, my mom, grandmother (Nanny), and I are packing up to head to Southfield, Michigan, which is right outside Detriot! The farthest north I’ve ever been; I think any of us have ever been. Mom has a conference to attend for her job, so instead of flying, she decided to drive and tag Nanny and I along with her. I AM WAY TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! And you would be too if you knew just how completely amazing these two are. And fun. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Sunday cannot get here fast enough.

Then, the next week, Matthew and I are heading to Monroe for a visit. And since you’ve already heard all about that… moving on…

And lastly is the annual Cunningham summer family trip to the beach!!!!! Once again, I’M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been to the beach in almost three years, which is rough for a beach-lover as myself. It will be the entire gang: Cindy and Jimmy (Matthew’s parents), Holly and Jon Mark (Matthew’s sister and her fiance), and Matthew and me. And from what I’ve heard, it’s quite a trip. Definitely many fun and unique personalities all going on vacation together… Should be interesting, but a blast nonetheless.

So I get a summer after all, 3 weeks of nothing but vacation after being contained in a very small environment for way too long. My two-weeks notice is in at both of my jobs, and only a week to go… And I have the feeling it will probably be a slow-going week…

Blimey limey?!

Roadtrips with Matthew have been nothing short of great this summer. Sadly, we haven’t been able to take as many as we had initially wanted, considering funds and money for trips have been minimal… but the few we have been able to make have been a blast so far.

This weekend we made a trip out to both my parents’ houses, Aroney and Boaz. We went to my Mom and stepdad Gary’s house/farm Friday night to stay and visit with them and my nephew Jackson. That boy is a complete and total rebel already. We had tons of fun playing chase with him up and down the hallway, though. His laugh is definitely the best. Especially when he gets really excited. He squeals. :) We left Aroney around noon today and went to see my Dad and stepmom Debby for a few hours before heading back to Hokes Bluff. Turns out they just bought the house that my dad and grandmother had been living in for the past twenty-something years. Definitely a God-thing. No more money-hungry loser landlord taking them for all they’re worth now. Their plan is to fix up the house, one project at a time, until they have restored it to turn around and sell it. After, they plan on getting a small house out in the country. Not surprising… of course both my parents would want to be country bumpkins…

But back to the actual roadtrip experience… Traditions have started! Limeades at departure, classic rock (i.e. Jefferson Airplane or Starship, depeding on my mood at the time) and covers during the trip, and random videos along the way as well. This boy suits me so well. :)