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{DIY} Upcycled Cozy Christmas Pillow


Remember this pile of receiving blankets from this earlier post?

After making tons of upcycled bibs for my baby, my niece Lyla, and as gifts for a few new babies over the past year, I still have a good-sized pile at my disposal. Now that the temps are cooling way down and the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I could make a Christmas-themed pillow using one of the green blankets. I used this Pinterest idea here to stencil my lettering using simple stencils and a Sharpie.


To make the pillowcase, I folded the blanket lengthwise, sewed one short edge and the long open edge together, leaving one short edge open to insert my pillow. After I put the pillow in the case, I folded the open edges inward, pinned, and sewed the folded edges together. This way made it super easy to not only make a pillowcase but to line up the stripes in the material on the long edge.

This also could be easily replicated with fleece or another blanket-type material if you don’t have a spare blanket lying around. I also plan on using this pillow for my upcoming Christmas mini sessions along with a few other PInterest-inspired things.

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OHP! Wednesday #8

 isaiah 46:4
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Hope you’re all having a great week thus far! I’ve been down with a summer cold and the combination of benadryl, lack of sleep, and persistent sneezing have left me with almost no energy, which is not a good thing at all seeing that my family is leaving for our family vacation to Gatlinburg on FRIDAY! (I still have enough energy to be excited about that.) So far I’ve managed to catch up on laundry and pack most of our clothes, shoes, and the like. If any of you have any tips about packing/traveling with a 9-month-old, please feel free to leave them. I know this isn’t my second rodeo traveling with a baby but for some reason I’m feeling more overwhelmed at the thought of traveling with one this go around. Maybe because I have a 2-year-old in tow as well. Or maybe because she doesn’t travel well. Or because I have to pack half the kitchen pantry and bathroom in order for the four of us to make it over the weekend.


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