Pinned it/Tried it/Loved it | Applique with Sewing Machine

This attempt was actually a fusion of two pins I found for my Sewing Tips board on sewing an applique with a standard sewing machine (found here and here). The first is a basic how-to on stitching an applique onto a shirt and the second is a how-to on sewing curves on appliques.

For our upcoming trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I made Jackson, Elisha, and Shiloh “smokey bear” applique t-shirts with their initials. Would it be considered a monogram if the lettering was First, Middle, Last instead of First, Last, Middle?


As you can tell, there were a few kinks when I lost control of my fabric, but overall I’m very pleased with the outcome seeing that it was my first attempt. Here are the finished products:


Oh, and the bears were made with scraps from refashions here and here. Scraps you have been busted.

The monogramming was made with simple stencils and fabric markers. I became a fan of both when I first used them to make Elisha’s “big brother” t-shirt for Shiloh’s gender reveal party.

We’re now on the 24-hour countdown and I’ve made major progress in the packing area now that my sinuses have decided to chill for a while. Here’s to no allergy attacks for the next four days!


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